Sahara desert excursion. 1 day from Agadir

  • Excursion  Sahara desert, visite de Tiznit, Tifnit, & Massa.
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The desert

 Sahara.... desert landscape

 Departure at 08:30 a.m. heading south; after a good hour drive (40km), stop at the fishing village of Tifnit with unique panorama, ancient houses, blue boats, beautiful beach on a wild coast.  A short walk to see the arrival of small traditional fishing boats, witness the unloading, and the sale of fish on the spot.

 This excursion also offers the opportunity to explore the Souss Massa National Park. The natural reserve which shelters endangered birds like the bald ibis, is thus the privileged place of many species of migratory birds.  Oued Massa (river) often called the Nile of the Souss generously offers this region a natural beauty which is the greenery in the middle of a desert landscape ( a walk to see birds: Optional ).

 Sand dunes in the middle of a stony desert, small villages, fewer nomadic tents, shepherds with their herds of goats and sheep; dominate the scenery. Arriving near the sand dunes, stop and photo break or simply a small camel ride on one of the largest dunes is often deserved (a great pleasure of adults and children alike).

Not too far away at a Berber family home, in a typical village; Fatima will serve you lunch; a delicious and most traditional dish prepared with chicken and organic vegetables grown locally in their small fields.

 After lunch you’ll continue your way to the desert gate; Tiznit, a small town surrounded by ramparts, well known for its filigree silver jewelry, then a visit of the medina, its alleys, the souk and the square Almechouar. Free time in the big square (if guests wish) or simply have a mint tea in one of the cafés under the arches of the square to admire the daily life of this region

Return to the hotel around 5:30 p.m.

Total mileage:  280 km

NB :  * Lunch is included in the price of the excursion.

           * Drinks are not included in the price.

Price /pax:

1 pax 120 € /pax
2 pax 60 € /pax
3 pax 40 € /pax
4 pax 35 € /pax
5 pax 30 € /pax
6 pax 30 € /pax
7 pax 30 € /pax
8 pax 30 € /pax
9 pax 30 € /pax
+10 pax 25 € /pax
From 25 €/pax
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